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Concept Document

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Follow up to ‘Polar Payne’ for MP1


High Concept:

Humorous/Spoof cartoon adventure game set in the North Pole, starring a crazy hero: - ‘Dinky’ the Polar Bear. It could be seen like a slightly darker, more comic Banjo-Kazooie.



Returning home from work, Dinky discovers that his family have (once again) been kidnapped by Santa, and forced to work in his evil Toy Factory. Enraged and with nothing to lose, Dinky heads out seeking vengeance!



Third-Person, 3d action adventure game modification for Max Payne.



Gameplay will be based on the Max Payne engine; and will consist of exploring winter/Christmas themed levels, collecting items, and fighting off enemies. Dinky will be able to run and jump around levels, and a range of over-the-top dodges/aerobatics -- all using Max Payne’s signature bullet-time slowmotion. To fight off Santa’s minions, Dinky will be able an array of crazy weapons including snow balls, exploding penguins, and trouts; as well as his own brute strength (punches, bear hugs, kung fu). Time permitting, there might be a snowboarding level as well.



The game is set around Christmas time in the North Pole - so think beautiful levels with lots of snow, frozen lakes, etc, combined with Christmas lights, decorations, and presents. The main emphasises will be on the cartoony look and strong (but slightly surreal) Christmas feeling. Characters will include Polar Bears, Eskimos, Killer Penguins, Santa, and his slave elf workforce.




  • Strong lead character
  • Fun, imaginative cartoon setting
  • Surreal enemies and weapons
  • Gratuitous amounts of cartoon violence
  • Bullet-time


Target Audience:

Ages 15-30, gamers who like adventure and action games.



The game will be a modification for the PC version of Max Payne.



Jonathan Hallier has worked on several large-scale Max Payne mod projects, including Katana, Polar Payne, The Real World, which can be downloaded from the following site: http://hellskitchen.paynereactor.com/. At Abertay he worked on a Zelda style flash game called “Jatto’s Adventure” and “Deadstone Island” a point-and-click graphic adventure.


Mark Timmins has worked on Watershed Adventure and Monster Racing


Jonathan Hallier and Mark Timmins collaborated on a conceptual game project called 'Revolution' - a political RTS strategy, set around the Russian Revolution.

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